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Damp - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Damp [May. 16th, 2017|08:51 pm]
The rain that was expected today turned out to be nothing more than a few sprinkles. Now, as night falls, the gloaming is glistening with the most persistent sprinkles we've had all day. It's supposed to be all over in about an hour, though, and I doubt that the total rain will be enough to do much for the plants. I'll have to start irrigating soon, and the latter part of the week is supposed to get hot, so evaporation will set in.

Indeed, tomorrow is to be warmer than yesterday, and yesterday was pretty warm. Early next week we will be getting highs near 100. Tonight's may be the last rain we'll get until autumn, or maybe even until next winter. Goodbye, spring. I'll miss you.

I won't miss the furnace, though. This months utility bill arrived today, and was about $34 more than I'd expected it to be. I don't know how I miscalculated so badly, but there it is. Now I must find something else to cut back on to stay within this month's already tight budget. At least we've got some cool nights coming up, despite the hotter days, so the warmth I capture by day will keep the house comfortable all night and I won't have to burn any more gas.

But if I'm going to get next month's electricity usage down I think I'm going to have to quit falling asleep in front of the television, and also remember to turn the computer off before I leave this room. I've had a tendency to get distracted lately and just forget that the machine is still running.

This afternoon I got adjusted by the chiropractor, and have to be cautious so as not to throw everything back out. That means not sitting at the keyboard for very long. Anyway, I want to go out and enjoy what's left of the sprinkling. That won't require any electricity consumption at all. Bonus.

[User Picture]From: aleahkate_4ever
2017-05-17 01:29 pm (UTC)

Glad the rain went well. There were fires here in Jacksonville and it caused a lot of smoke. Rain can definitely be enjoyable.

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