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Chirps [May. 13th, 2017|10:33 pm]
The first crickets of the year are chirping in my neighbor's back yard tonight. I'm a bit surprised that they are active on a night as chilly as this, but perhaps they are a hardy pair, or trio— I can't tell exactly how many there are, but it's at least two. It is so nice to hear crickets again. Of late there have been plenty of frogs to listen to, but crickets are closer, and their chirps are more melodic, at least to my ears. The crickets will last well into the dry season, too, when the frogs shall have have long fallen silent.

Naturally I've been obsessively checking the weather web site to see the latest predictions about the chances of rain next Tuesday. Yesterday the possibility was up to 75%, but today it is back down to 50%. By the time Tuesday actually gets here it could be back up, even to 100%, or it could vanish altogether. Spring is full of uncertainties. It also has its certainties, one of which is that, should the rain not come, my lawn is going to dry out pretty fast. Indeed, the parts that are mostly Bermuda grass are already getting a bit pale, and are crunching underfoot. Despite not being a big fan of grass, I'll be a bit sad to see it go. Its green is, I must admit, soothing to look upon.

We've actually been quite lucky this year, as by this time of year it is usually much hotter than it has been. Today was in fact several degrees lower than the historic average for the date, and almost thirty degrees below the record high. The bees are probably unhappy, but for me it has been a boon. I haven't even been bitten by any mosquitoes yet. I have to keep reminding myself that the summer solstice is only a bit over five weeks away. It seems like early spring. Maybe our luck will hold and we'll get a cooler than average summer. I think we deserve it after the last few years.