October 14th, 2001

caillebotte_man at his window


I think I saw a bobcat the other night. I'm not sure- it was down the block and across the street, screened by a row of rose bushes. It was sitting there on the lawn, looking at me. If it was in fact a bobcat, it is the first I have ever seen here. Squirrels I see almost every day. Raccoons are fairly common at night. I have seen skunks from time to time, and smelled them more frequently. Only a few times have I seen jackrabbits- less often than deer, in fact. And it has been five years since I have seen a fox, though for a while they visited my street almost nightly. But never before a bobcat. I wish the moon had been bright. I might have gotten a better look, so I could be sure what creature it was.