September 28th, 2001

caillebotte_man at his window

Lightning Strikes Twice

In July, I posted a link to a site devoted to the artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, who was on my interests list, but was not linked. A few minutes later, I checked my list, and a link had been formed. Yesterday, I posted a poem by Stephane Mallarme, who was one of my unlinked interests. A short time later, I checked the list and, well, there he was, linked. If this happens a third time, I shall be convinced that magic is afoot at LiveJournal. Now, let me see...which of my unlinked interests should I mention next?
caillebotte_man at his window

Making up for time yet to be lost

The prospect of shrinking days to come has sent me out, away from the world of words to the outdoors and the placid afternoon. At the edge of town, the forest running down to the river is wrapped in an ineffable quiet; the pines perfectly still, the dirt road empty, the hawk passing above as silent as his shadow sweeping by at my feet. The houses at my back and all they entail vanish from my thoughts, and I am drawn by my gaze into that far larger and more ancient world where time itself is transfixed. More than words lie in such a scene and moment, and such will always be more than will ever lie in words.