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Still Cool [May. 12th, 2017|08:52 pm]
A cool day kept the pollen down, so I was able to go out and yank a few more foxtails out of the back back yard. I didn't find any nettles, but then they are sometimes hard to see when they are young. I might find some tomorrow, which is supposed to be slightly warmer than today was but still cool enough for weed pulling. The chance of rain next Tuesday is now up to 75%, and I just remembered that Tuesday is my next appointment with the chiropractor, so bad timing, weather. I will not complain, though, as I'd really like not needing to water the yard for a few more days, and if I get wet it's worth it.

I'm definitely not looking forward to the weekend after this, when it's expected to get into the high eighties. The pollen will most likely come back then, and my misery will know no bounds (slight exaggeration, but even the mere anticipation of heat induces hyperbole in me.) But this upcoming weekend should be nice, since it won't even be getting into the seventies. This might be the last cool weekend until fall, and I intend to revel in its unspeakably sybaritic delights (the thought of the next weekend's heat is still making me hyperbolize.)

It's so nice and cool tonight that I think I might bake some macaroni and cheese for dinner— if I don't fall asleep before I get around to it. I woke up terribly early and then had a late lunch and probably won't want to eat again until after ten. If I pass out from exhaustion in front of the television for an hour or two or six I'll probably just make a bowl of popcorn instead, and save the macaroni for tomorrow night. I hope the Friday television isn't too boring. I need something that will keep me awake.

Cloudy again tonight, so again I might not see the moon, but at least a bit of fresh air should invigorate me, so I'm going out for a while.