rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I'm glad I got a long look at the moon last night, as thick clouds formed this evening and there hasn't been so much as a glimpse of it tonight. The day was nearly perfect, though, being mostly sunny but cool and breezy. The birds were out in great numbers, and I heard them singing all afternoon. I can't hear the frogs tonight, but I suspect it's only because the breeze has turned into a pretty stiff wind, and the moaning pine trees and rustling leaves are drowning them out. It smells very nice, as people have been watering their lawns and the scent of wet grass permeates everything.

Tomorrow is supposed to get even cooler than today, and tomorrow night will be downright chilly. The heat is not expected to return until late next week, so I've got several days of comfortable outdoor temperatures in which to get rid of some more of those foxtails and nettles before they dry out. Oh, and a handful of lupines finally came up. Much of the ground they occupied last year is now occupied by some lower plants I can't identify. They grow thickly and have little reddish flowers on them. I don't recall ever having seen them before. Maybe they are invaders from space, accidentally released by some more advanced invaders from space. It would be cool if those invaders would appear, and say to me "Take us to your leader." Then I could send them to Sally Yates.

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