rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There's an almost-full moon tonight, and the frogs are singing. It's still mild out, though it's supposed to get down to around 59 degrees later, and I'm thinking of leaving the windows open long enough to get the house down to about 65 degrees, to give me plenty of chill for when it gets up in the high 80s tomorrow. If the house is cold enough and I get the windows closed before it warms up tomorrow I should be able to keep the indoor temperature below 70 all day.

The next possible rain isn't until next Monday. I'll definitely have to do some watering before then. In fact I'll probably have to start hosing down the pavement soon, as it's almost time for the pine trees to start spewing their awful pollen. The only way to deal with it is to soak it good, so it won't blow around. There's going to be enough of it airborne without letting the stuff that has already settled get recycled.

Although the pine pollen hasn't appeared yet, there must be other stuff abroad, as I've been sneezing and aching all day. There have been bees out, too, and one of them came in the back door with me, but I managed to shoo it back out. I have no intention of letting whatever histamines are in the air keep me from leaving the windows open tonight, though. Given the choice between an allergic reaction and sweltering indoor heat, I'll take the allergic reaction.

It's Monday already, so I have to get the wheelie bins out to the street. The vegetation bins are loaded with grass clippings, plus a lot of foxtails and nettles and other weeds I've yanked up. The weed-pulling might have something to do with the sneezing, but I have to get those things pulled while the ground is still a bit soft, and before they dry out and become a hazard for the feral cats.

Oh, and I forgot to eat dinner again. I'll do that now.

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