rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


My windows had to be closed this evening after being open most of the day yesterday and all night last night. The afternoon was quite warm, but it cooled off rapidly when clouds began moving in this evening. It's going to be chilly tomorrow, and I have no doubt the furnace will run tonight. I'm sorry to lose the fresh air (and to spend money on gas for heating) but it's nice to have another cool day.

We'll be back to warm weather on Sunday, and for much of next week, but there's a slight chance of rain next Thursday, followed by a couple more cool days. The longer summer can be put off the better, as far as I'm concerned— as long as winter doesn't come back. I really like spring, and would be pleased to have it linger.

The shopping is done, and though I spent more than I'd hoped I would, I'm well set for the week. They were out of two items, though, but I actually remembered to get rain checks, so hooray. The heat didn't fry my brain as badly as it might have, for which I am grateful. I only forgot two items, and one was not essential and not on sale, and can easily be gotten next week. The other was salt, alas, so I'll have to go easy on that this week.

Portia is lying atop my computer tower and coughing, which means she might be about ready to bring up a hairball. As I don't want a hairball on the computer I'd best move her now.
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