rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I woke from an unintentional nap around seven o'clock this evening and thought it was already Wednesday morning. It took a few minutes for me to realize that it was much too warm to be morning. I went around opening the windows, but despite the cooler night, almost four hours later it is still 72 degrees in here. I'll probably be able to leave the windows open very late tonight. There's not much chance I'll fall asleep without closing them again, as I'm pretty sure I'm all slept out for now.

Dinner got started late because of the nap. I was going to put the pot of beans on this afternoon, but what with the sleeping and consequent muddle-headedness, didn't remember until nightfall, so they are still cooking now. They ought to be ready soon. I had to tide myself over with a bowl of ice cream. It's all very strange. Most likely I won't fully adjust until tomorrow. And maybe I won't. I'm pretty sure gnomes came and removed part of my brain while I was sleeping. I hate when that happens.

I've got French bread to go with the beans. No substitute for missing brains, but I'll just have to make do.
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