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I'm glad I got a chance to watch the feral cat playing in the long grass the other evening, as today it is gone. The lawns are mowed, both in front and back yards. As there is unlikely to be much more rain this year it probably won't grow back so thick until next spring. The black feral cat remained in hiding for at least three hours after the mowing, and was pretty obviously disquieted when he finally returned and found the grass gone. I think he's gotten used to the change now, though he might still be disappointed. He spent a couple of hours lying on the back porch, gazing out at where it used to be.

The back back yard still has its profusion of volunteer plants, of course, and the cat can always play back there, though if he does I'll have to do something about the foxtails and nettles. Those are not cat-friendly plants, so I'll have to do a lot of weeding. Some of the other wild plants back there are starting to bloom. There are some wild petunias, and the lamb's ear, of course, and just a couple of lupines that managed to seed themselves through the carpet of leaves I never got around to raking up last fall. There are a number of others that I can't identify. None of them other than the lamb's ear are likely to be around very long, so the cats and I will all have to enjoy them while they last.

Today was the first of four days expected to have highs in the eighties. The next three will be hotter still. I'll be able to have the windows open in the mornings and evenings, but not the hot afternoons. There is already some sneezing going on, and I got a fairly intense headache this afternoon, but the headache might have been caffeine withdrawal rather than allergens, as I've run out of the pre-brewed coffee I was getting at the grocery outlet for a couple of weeks. That's the problem with the outlet. They get good stuff in, and often it's really cheap, but the supply is limited and there's no guarantee that they'll ever get that product in again.

The possible rain this week has been moved to Friday, and the chances have been reduced from 50% to 15%. But there is now a possibility on Sunday As well, though only 15%. The next chance after that is a week from Wednesday, but that' really much too far off to be reliable. There's a chance we won't see any more rain at all this spring, which would mean the water bill would start getting big sooner than I'd hoped, and things will dry out pretty fast anyway, as I have no intention of letting that bill get out of hand. I do not relish the thought of torrid summer. I do hope the forecast of highs in the sixties next weekend proves accurate. I'm doomed to broil eventually, but I'd like to put it off as long as possible.

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