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The windows are open, and probably won't have to be closed for a couple of hours yet. It is very pleasant. So far I'm not sneezing, so the pollen must not be very plentiful, but the air is quite dry and I'm desiccating. I thought I still had a bottle of lemonade in the refrigerator, but the nephew must have downed it, so I've just been drinking iced water. All that sugar probably wouldn't have been good for me anyway.

If anybody did any lawn mowing today it must have been before I woke up (which didn't happen until one o'clock.) It has been quite peaceful around here all afternoon. Not even the birds are very active. The feral cats are spending most of their time napping in shady spots. They are enjoying the long grass— my lawn remains unmowed, too. It will have to be dealt with before it gets dry, though. The last thing I need is a fire hazard in my yard, and that's what long grass is when it dries out.

The only annoying thing today is that my Internet service keeps cutting out. It's too late in the day to call AT&T to complain about it. They don't do anything outside business hours anymore. They even shut down their automated bill paying service at five o'clock and on weekends now. It's as though their computer system has joined a union and wants extra pay for overtime work, and the company is too cheap to cough it up.

Oh, the long range forecast is now saying rain is possible next Friday night and early Saturday morning. If it does rain it will start out pretty warm, so a thunderstorm could arise. But I'll be glad to have it, with or without lightning. I tried pulling a few more foxtails in the back yard today and the soil is already too dry, so they just break off and the roots stay in the ground.

My router is showing a green service light, so I'd better post this before it goes away again. I probably have nothing more to say anyway.

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