rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In lieu of an actual post, I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Joe is...

Joe is my interactive bra.
Joe is controlling transmission.
Joe is looking for investors to open 2 new Joe's.
Joe is published every month except January and July.
Joe is founder and president of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.
Joe is Steve's younger brother.
Joe is coming, ready to play Blue's Clues.
Joe is a dark, funny and moving drama.
Joe is likely to miss the boat.
Joe is gone forever.

And the bonus:
Joe is love.

And, of course, How could I not do this:

Sluggo is:

Sluggo is a unique blend.
Sluggo is in the tree house.
Sluggo is attractive to slugs and snails.
Sluggo is a longtime vet.
Sluggo is here to install some patches.
Sluggo is the defending World Champion.
Sluggo is currently ranked 3rd by AREA.
Sluggo is a sure crowd pleaser.
Sluggo is not licensed to do business in the state of Ohio.
Sluggo is like sex with a Ram.

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