rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Full Of It

There was an owl hooting nearby tonight. It had a boomy voice, and moved from one place to another several times. I half expected to see an enormous pair of wings descending toward me, and a pair of glowing eyes like they do in scary cartoons where someone is lost in the woods. The feral cats didn't seem to be paying it any attention, though. I guess there are advantages to never having seen cartoons.

The owl was especially unnerving because I first heard it shortly after waking from a long, unintentional nap that began about three o'clock in the afternoon and lasted until near the end of dusk. About five hours, in other words. Since I slept about five hours last night, I've made up for the sleep I lost the night before, but that's no guarantee that I won't start another bout of disruption tomorrow. Everything about sleeping has become unpredictable.

Because I slept through the evening I didn't fix dinner yet. I'll probably just end up heating a can of soup and melting some cheese onto a roll. But first I'm going to go watch some television in order to empty my brain out. I can't eat on a full brain, especially when it's full of Internet.

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