rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Brief Storm

So it didn't rain all day until I got to the store, and then the sky opened up on my way out. I'd gotten partly soaked on the way in, but thoroughly soaked on the way out. I don't think it would be accurate to talk about the chant of the rain today. I was attacked by the rain, betrayed by the rain. It did not chant. It mocked me. But at least it didn't soak me again while I was taking my groceries into the house. It was just gone by then.

There could be rain again on Wednesday, but probably not much, and then in the middle of next week it will get actually hot, with highs in the low eighties. There's always some chance of rain in May, but not a very big one, so Wednesday could be the last rain I see until fall. I hope I don't sleep through it. At least I know I won't get soaked by it, because I won't be going anywhere that day.

The Monday shopping was, as usual, more bothersome than Sunday shopping usually is, but I still got everything I had on my list. It just took me too long because the place was crowded. Everything will be a bit behind time for the rest of the night. Dinner is a bit behind the time right now, and I'm getting impatient for it. I have to put the wheelie bins out first, though. Then I'm sure there is television that needs watching. Time to get on with it.

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