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The cooking of the large meal this evening was successful, but its consequence was that I overate and then fell asleep for about five hours. I was going to post a journal entry after eating, but obviously that didn't happen. Instead I woke up close to midnight and had a huge kitchen mess to clean up. I think large meals will have to be a thing of the past for me from now on.

But I did get plenty of fresh air this yesterday afternoon, and the house got pleasantly warm and the furnace has hardly been on at all tonight. Tomorrow today won't be quite as mild, but I still might get a couple of hours of open windows.

Rain is possible three days early next week. The streak is still going, but increasing temperatures later in the week indicate that it could end soon. I haven't gotten this month's water bill yet, but I do expect it to be a bit higher than last month's, and May's is bound to be higher still.

I'll soon be faced with the decision to either spend more money on water or let the plants start withering. The price will be quite a bit higher this year, despite the official end of the drought. The problem is we can't know how soon the next drought will arrive. This year could have been a fluke, and so the state will continue to press for conservation.

Currently I'm more worried about the end of my supply of plastic grocery bags. I use them for disposing of used cat litter, and a few months ago a new state law went into effect prohibiting single-use plastic bags. We now have reusable bags, but have to pay for them, and they are too expensive for litter disposal. I haven't come up with any substitutes yet. It's too bad I don't know anybody in Nevada who could send me big boxes of the old style bags.

Oh, look how late it is. That unintentional nap really threw my schedule off. Threw my brain off, too. I still feel muddleheaded. I might go outside for some fresh air, before it gets too chilly again.

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