rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Spring Passing

So, 420 (4/20) but I didn't smell anything burning in my neighborhood today, nor was anyone celebrating Hitler's birthday (at least not openly.) Just an ordinary spring day which started out somewhat cloudy and gradually turned much sunnier. Sometime tomorrow afternoon it should get warm enough that I can open my windows. I'm so looking forward to that. It's only been a couple of weeks since the last time, but it seems like ages.

The lilacs are blooming now, but one bush is doing much better than the other. One of them still has dead flowers from last year on it— the ones that got killed by that sudden frost. I suppose I should use the Internets to look up how to deal with lilac bushes, as I haven't laid a hand on them in several years and they probably need some sort of attention.

Quite a few of the other bushes in the yard look like they need attention, too. I suspect that they've actually been better off left alone, as I have a knack for ruining plants of all kinds. Except squash. I had a garden one year when I was a kid, and though I planted a variety of things, only the squash survived. In fact the squash thrived. Maybe I should try planting squash again sometime. I might get it wrong this time, and thus perfect my record.

Tomorrow I intend to do some large-scale cooking (a thing I'm probably worse at than gardening) if I remember to get started on time. It was planned for last week, but I forgot some ingredients and had to wait for the next shopping trip. I got the missing stuff Sunday, but I had other foods I needed to get out of the way first, so another delay. This is a bit unfortunate as the cooking involves the oven, and the day, as I said, is to be warm. Ah, well, the evening will cool off, so any excess heat that accumulates can be quickly dissipated. Plus, if I don't screw the job up, I'll get a good dinner, and lots of leftovers.

But I have to eat something tonight, too, and I've been so distracted all day I haven't gotten around to it. I feed my cats better than I feed myself. Too bad it's impossible for me to be my cat.

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