rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Off and Running

It turned out to be mostly sunny today, the scattered clouds not massing until late afternoon and the rain not beginning until after sunset. I happened to go outside just in time to see the first drops fall on the dim and fading walks, and the two feral cats rush onto the porch to stay dry. The rain was soon falling rapidly, and the downspouts began gurgling. I forgot to listen for the frogs before the rain began, so I don't know if they are singing, because the noise of the rain would be drowning them out.

It's expected to rain off and on all night, but tomorrow is supposed to be merely cloudy. It's even supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow, and then quite balmy on Friday. I do like some variety to my weather, especially after the rather monotonous winter. More rain is possible in the middle of next week— a delightful prospect, to be sure. We're getting pretty close to May, and a mild May with occasional rain would be ideal, so I'm hoping the lingering of precipitation so long into April is an omen for its continuance.

I've been snacking on a jar of honey roasted peanuts and just got one that was a little bit off, as peanuts sometimes are. Whenever I bit into such a peanut when I was a kid I'd be greatly annoyed, but this time, to my surprise, I found the experience... interesting. Not really pleasant, but not exactly unpleasant either. I guess that's another of the perks of age. Most peanuts are just peanuts, and I've eaten a ton of them (probably quite literally) and they've gotten a bit predictable, so one that isn't is redeemed by being unusual.

And there are undoubtedly far more peanuts in my past than in my future, so even a bad one, entirely aside from its capacity to provoke a degree of nostalgia, takes on the value of potential rarity. That could very well have been the last "off" peanut I'll ever eat. Gather ye peanuts while ye may! Seize the day! Seize even the seizure, in fact! Seize the cliché and twist it about! Twist and shout! Shout, let it all out! Everybody wants to see the world in a grain of peanut! It's my party and I'll fly if I want to!

Or maybe I'll just go outside and listen to the rain until I calm down. Yes, good idea.

(do off peanuts ever possess hallucinogenic properties, by any chance?)

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