rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Red Light, Green Light

The Internet connection keeps cutting out tonight. It used to cut out during rain, but now it cuts out after the rain has been gone for a day, usually in the evening when the temperature starts to drop. The problem is probably still the cable the squirrels have chewed, but for some reason it has started behaving differently. It's infuriating, especially considering the amount I pay AT&T for the service. I've been thinking about calling them up and telling them I'm considering switching to Comcast, and maybe they'll get off their asses and replace the damaged cable.

Maybe it will work better tomorrow when it gets a bi warmer. It's supposed to stay dry, to, but then will come five days with rain off and on. And there will finally be more days warm enough for me to have my windows open starting next Friday. They will also be warm enough to bring back the pollen, alas. I've enjoyed the two weeks of not sneezing, even though the chill has forced me to run the furnace more than I'd like.

I've got a green "service" light on my router. I'd better post this before it turns red again.

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