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Substitutions [Apr. 13th, 2017|11:07 pm]
A big chunk of time got taken from my afternoon when a persistent thunderstorm came up and I had to shut down the computer. I still haven't caught up with everything. After the thunderstorm rolled through there was a brief time of bright late afternoon sunshine that was very pleasant to see. Everything was still wet and glittering, and one oft he downspouts continued trickling for an hour. I think the rain gutter that feeds it might be partly blocked.

I'm only now getting around to fixing dinner. There are some veryfried beans heating in the oven, and I'm going to microwave some taquitos and a tamale. There's no actual guacamole, although there is a jar of sort-of-guacamole salsa, It is way more tomatillo than avocado, but it will do. There was no Monterey jack cheese for the veryfried beans, so I've substituted some havarti. I've done that before and it's worked out fine.

Substitute night. I think I'll substitute a vodka lime ricky for beer, since everything else is substitute-ridden. I wonder what I could substitute for sufficient sleep, though?