rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Too Full Moon

The first full moon of summer came by tonight, and showed me the fronts of the houses first on one side of the street, then the other. It kept the cats restless. They never like to stay in on a warm night when the moon is bright. They didn't use the light for hunting, though. They sat in one place or another near the house and just watched the night.

I watched, too, when I got the chance, and I noticed that, for viewing through the pine trees, the full moon is inferior to the half moon. The full moon is too bright, and dazzles the eye so that the detail of the trees is lost. But the half moon shining through the trees makes the needles sparkle, and doesn't overwhelm the shadowed sides of the trees with an excessive contrast. Full moon for illuminating houses, half moon for looking at through the trees.

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