rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mild Again

Two happy feral cats napped in the back yard all the balmy afternoon, and I had the windows open for hours. They only had to be closed half an hour ago, just before I went out to refill the cats' water bowls. One of the cats lounged on the porch, observing me, and the other scampered about, clearly well-rested and ready for play. I'm not fast enough for cat play these days, but he didn't seem to mind. He was content to make a few attack runs at my shoes, then scamper up the trunk of the walnut tree.

The cats aren't doing a very good job of protecting the landscape from small rodents, who have been digging here and there for the last few days. I saw five fresh gopher holes in the lawn, and I'm thinking maybe I feed the cats too well. If they were a bit hungrier they might decide that a gopher would be a tasty snack. For the time being I probably shouldn't walk across the lawn after nightfall, lest I step in a hole and turn an ankle.

As dusk arrived a woodpecker was talking to me. Well, it was probably talking to the other woodpeckers, but as I was in the neighborhood I decided to eavesdrop. I couldn't understand a word of its chatter, but enjoyed listening nonetheless. Soon the bird went off to bed down for the night, and all I could hear was the frogs. It has cooled off rapidly, but it is still rather mild compared to just a few nights ago, and I expect the nocturnal beasts of all sorts will enjoy it. The wind has died down, too, and the air barely moves enough to stir the soft leaves of the oaks.

This pleasant state is predicted to last for a few days, and then there could be a sudden return of cooler days and chilly nights and some rain. That could continue for several days starting Thursday, and if the weather doesn't change its mind I won't have to concern myself with watering the yard very soon. And while I didn't have to do any sneezing today, but the fruitless mulberry tree is getting its blossoms, and those always set me off. They might do so by tomorrow. If so, at least I'll get a couple of hours away from them while I go shopping.

I slept too little last night and had no nap today, so I expect I'll be falling asleep on the couch with the television on almost as soon as I finish eating something. My life these days is just full of a lack of surprises. I'd say that's a good thing, on the whole. At my age the most likely surprise would be something like a stroke. I don't intend to complain about the monotony.

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