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It grew quite breezy today, and though the air was not warm enough to let me keep my windows open, it was warm enough to coax the scent from the pine trees and fill the afternoon with their coniferous aroma. But, happily, the vegetation must not yet be spewing any pollen, as I didn't sneeze. I expect that to start any day now, though. Spring gives me such mixed feelings. The days can be so pleasant, the landscape is full of fresh green growth, and the plants begin to generate their colorful blossoms, but my face can turn even more colorful once the allergens kick in. I have to enjoy the fresh scents while I can, because my nose will soon be getting stuffed up.

I had hoped to get the shopping done today, but it was not to be. There was one particular bargain on the Friday sale that I wanted very much. But it was not something necessary, so maybe it's just as well. Not getting it will mean more money for stuff I actually need. April brings a quarterly expense in the form of the trash collection bill, and the power bill isn't always sufficiently smaller to offset it.

It is inevitable that the lawns will have to be mowed soon. Also there are foxtails growing in the rose bed that will have to be pulled up before they get too bog. It's best to pull them while the earth is still a bit damp. I might have to get to them tomorrow, as the much warmer day is going to dry things out pretty fast. If I don't, it's likely that I'll have to water the bed just to loosen them up, and I'd hate to waste water on weeds that will get pulled the next day.

Portia has decided to nap on the desk, right next to my keyboard, and keeps inching herself in my direction, which is making the letters at the left end hard to use. Her medium-length fur keeps covering some of them. The Q and W are not much of a loss, but I use the A a lot. Well, it's about time for me to go microwave a burrito anyway, and I'm sure there's something on television that I should be watching. Plus my bum is getting sore from sitting in this chair. Goodnight, LiveJournal. Watch out for April Fool's Day.

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