rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It looks like I might be able to have the windows open for a while tomorrow afternoon. It was still too chilly today, though it was pleasant enough outside in the sunlight. The shade was still a bit off-putting. The cats agreed with me, and spent the afternoon napping in sunny spots among the rapidly growing plants that line the fence. They are now sporting lots of little purple flowers (the plants, not the cats.) Tomorrow they'll probably show a preference for the shady spots (the cats, not the plants.)

I'm hoping I won't have to change my next appointment with the chiropractor for an earlier date. It isn't until the eleventh, but my lower back started aching a couple of days ago and isn't getting better. I probably should have gotten an appointment three weeks after my last one instead of four, given that I hadn't had an adjustment for about three months at that time. At least it's my lower back that's bothering me this time. It's usually my neck, so it's a change— not a pleasant change, but a change anyway, and a bit of variety is nice now and then.

The backache makes sitting at the computer extra tedious, so I'm done here for now. There's a can of soup and a telera roll waiting for me anyway, and I don't want to disappoint them. Then I can lie down on the couch and take the pressure off of my back.

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