rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

I Can Has No Burger

The shopping is done, and since it is Saturday and next week looks rainless, it's likely to be eight days before I go again. I didn't buy very much, as my budget was getting a bit thin this late in the month, and there wasn't very much stuff I liked on sale at either store, but I think that with what I already have on hand I can get through eight days without starving (full disclosure— with what I have on hand I could actually eat myself sick and gain an inch or more around my waist in eight days, as what I have on hand is very heavy on carbohydrates and fat.) What I'll probably run out of is ice cream, and maybe cheese. I hope the butter holds out, too. I'm hoping all three of these will be on sale somewhere next week.

It got almost balmy today, and the clouds that piled up over the mountains were pleasant to look at— though they did make me crave whipped cream (another thing nobody had on sale this week.) This evening the frogs are in full voice, so their stream must still be flowing nicely. I haven't been over to see it, even though it is only a few hundred feet east of my house, but I did see the streams in the arroyo to the west on my way too and from the market. One of them is actually more of a narrow ditch than a real stream, but both it and the larger natural stream on the other edge of the arroyo are flowing swiftly.

Tomorrow there is to be more rain, and the forecast now predicts possible rain on Thursday as well. The normal changeability of April is showing up early, with cool clear days, cool cloudy days, chilly rainy days, and warm sunny days jumbled together for the next week. The mixture might continue after that. I certainly hope it does. I do love some variety in spring, to drive the memory of winter's monotony from my mind and give me something pleasant to remember when summer's monotony arrives.

I hope everybody had a nice Downfall of Sauron Day.

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