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Rain but no Murder - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rain but no Murder [Mar. 24th, 2017|10:41 pm]
The rain today got vigorous at times, and there were periods of blustery wind, but on the whole this has been a fairly tame storm. Of course it might have been more intense this morning, but I overslept and missed whatever was happening then. Since no trees fell over and we got no power outages, I don't really care. It's likely we won't be having any more big storms such as we had earlier this month. Spring's storms do tend toward gentility.

It's somewhat more likely than not that I'll go shopping tomorrow, which will be in between storms. The one due Sunday probably won't amount to much, and after that the forecast predicts seven straight dry days, all of them clear except for Wednesday and Thursday, which could be partly cloudy. It's looking very, very springy ahead. I wonder how much longer I'll have a frog chorus to listen to? If I could, I'd order up a rainstorm a week through May, just to make sure the frogs had plenty of water to keep them singing.

And speaking of water this month's water bill arrived, and I discovered that I had forgotten to pay it last month. No wonder there was more money in my bank account than I'd expected. Now I've got a double bill to pay (plus a late fee of seventy cents, which is quite reasonable for a utility company late fee), and won't be able to sneak out a few extra bucks for some extra groceries. Well, it's time to cross that pie off the shopping list, for one thing, and some stuff I was going to get a regular prices because I'm out of them will have to wait until they are on sale again. Be patient, sweet pickle relish. Your turn will come.

Sadly, the English murder show our PBS affiliate has been running on Fridays isn't on tonight, thanks to beg-a-thon programming, so I'll have to make do with something else. I can always count on the Hallmark Murder & Glurge Channel to provide me with sad, sloppy American murders, but they are almost always reruns I've already seen so many times that they've lost what little edge they had to begin with. I ought to see if I can pick up a few books for occasions like this. I have quite a few, but they are stuck in boxes in my garage, and it would be a huge hassle to dig them out. Especially since it's pretty cold tonight and the garage isn't insulated. I guess I'll just make some popcorn and watch Jessica Fletcher solving some murder for the twentieth time.