rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Well Are We?

Aside from a couple of brief downpours that became quite fierce, and one of which included a mass of hail, the rain today was not very impressive. It was intermittent, and mostly of the sprinkle or drizzle variety. Nevertheless, it did water the plants, and so I was glad to have it. The hailstorm brought the only thunder I heard all day.

The rain is apt to continue tomorrow, but will be colder and even less vigorous, so there'll probably be no more thunder. It's supposed to get windier, though, and as today was pretty windy at times that could be a problem. The back porch will most likely get soaked, and there's always the chance of a falling tree taking out the power.

The drain in the kitchen sink has been fixed, and I can catch up on washing dishes. I could also cook something, but I've frittered the day away on the Internets and it's getting late. Oh, fritters would be nice. But no, I think I'll have to microwave something again. I am quite without energy tonight, and my mind keeps blanking on me. I doubt I'd have the attention span to do any sustained cookery anyway.

Earth moves really fast. Are we anywhere yet?

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