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No post yesterday, and I'm blaming Ireland. Most of the time I put off dinner until a fairly late hour because eating tends to make me groggy anymore. Last night I ate a bit earlier, and it was a big pot of corned beef and cabbage. And what is corned beef and cabbage without a couple of extra drinks to go with it? So naturally I fell asleep on the couch around eight o'clock and never got around to posting a journal entry. I did wake up before midnight, but was so groggy that I didn't bother to write anything then either, and soon went back to sleep. Then I slept off an on most of the night and into the morning.

When I finally woke up and went outside I found that the overcast sky was gently sprinkling, and it has continued to do so almost all day. This is supposed to end before tomorrow afternoon, so I should probably be okay going shopping. But the latest forecast has several days of rain possible over the next week. Good for the plants, not so much for the feral cats. They've had to put up with an awful lot of wetness this year. Tuesday and Wednesday they might have to put up with thunderstorms, which they do not like at all. But March thunderstorms are a sure sign of spring's immanent arrival in these parts. As long as the lightning doesn't set anything on fire or cause a power outage or any electronic-damaging surges, I'm okay with it. Yay spring, especially with pollen-dampening rain.

Sadly, when I fell asleep early I failed to get the pot of leftovers into the refrigerator. The chunk of meat was wrapped and chilled, but the remaining cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and liquid sat out all night. I should probably dispose of them, as there's no telling what might have started growing in them. It's too bad. I was going to try using some of the juice in making corned beef hash, which is something I've never made successfully and I've begun to think it's because I always cook the leftover meat down with water. Maybe I'll just pick up some rye bread tomorrow and only make sandwiches of it this year.

The drizzle means I'm not sneezing today. The oaks have finally sprouted leaves, and new growth is visible on the lilac bushes and the walnut tree, so masses of pollen are coming soon. I'm hoping we get a few days of dry and warmer weather so the walnut tree gets pollinated properly this year. The poor crop last year was most likely the result of untimely rain. I'd rather have a few days of extra sneezing and a good supply of walnuts for winter. As for the other plants, to hell with them. If they don't feed me they've got no call to make me sneeze.

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