rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Well, last night and this morning brought me an unexpected ten hours of sleep. Making up for lost time, I guess. I hope I'm caught up for the next few days, so I can shop tomorrow and go to the chiropractor on Tuesday without any sleep-related weirdness interfering. It was also mild enough to allow me about five hours of having the windows open this afternoon. The house is a lot less stale and stuffy now. The next few days will be much the same, and after that it will get cooler again, but not really cold. Also there is no rain predicted for the next ten days. Wouldn't you know, I'm starting to miss it.

I was just reminded that Daylight Saving time starts at two o'clock this morning. I still have a couple of clocks that have to be set by hand, but the one I use most is the one on the cable box, which will reset itself. I just have to be paying attention tomorrow so I remember that the others are wrong.

It's likely that I'm still suffering some muddleheadedness from the recent sleep disruptions, as my mind keeps wandering off on its own. It will be lucky if coyotes don't get it. In the meantime I've got a bit of headache again tonight, which I hope the chiropractic adjustment Tuesday will take care of. It's very distracting.

Now I am going to microwave a burrito. I was going to make macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight, but my milk went prematurely bad a couple of days ago and I haven't been able to replace it yet. The closest thing I'd have to substitute would be vanilla ice cream, and somehow I don't think that would be very good. Now, if I still had some pistachio....

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