rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Warming Due

There was a bit of snow in the air when I went outside just before dawn this morning, but only a little on the ground, and both vanished not long after the sun rose. As the weather decided to be a rerun after that, I went back to sleep after a couple of hours futzing around in the house. The day looked pretty much the same when I woke up again this afternoon, so I'm sure I didn't miss anything. It was so overcast that there were no shadows, and I couldn't even tell the sun was in in a different part of the sky.

Something else that has vanished is this weeks prediction of rain. The current forecast is not only saying it's getting warmer and dry, but that the high could get up to 69 degrees on Friday. Friday is too far out to be certain, but if it happens it will make a nice change. Maybe the rose bushes will get a bit of fresh growth to replace the stuff they lost to the recent freezing nocturnal temperatures. They looked pretty bad today. Hopefully the next storms (due next Monday) won't bring such icy air with them.

For dinner I have to work around the missing stuff I forgot to buy Sunday when I lost my shopping list. It has me puzzled. When I'm hungry I don't like to improvise. I'm considering digging in to the stash of frozen entrees I keep on hand. It's getting pretty late to be fixing anything else anyway. That's mostly thanks to the split-shift sleeping, but also to being distracted by the Internets for such a long time today. And I've totally forgotten what most of those distractions were. I wonder if we've all died and the Internet is purgatory? Nah, too much porn on it.

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