rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The clouds for tomorrow's rain slowly gathered this afternoon, accompanied by a low haze that softened the landscape. It was a bit like walking through a rather morose impressionist painting. Tonight it is turning cold, but I still hear frogs croaking along the stream to the east. Someone is burning an old log in their fireplace, and it is giving the air an unpleasantly musty quality. I'll be staying indoors anyway, and probably going to sleep pretty early.

I slept more last night than I did the night before, but I've still be up since seven o'clock. I went to sleep sometime around midnight, but though I woke a couple of times I never got the television turned off, so when I woke up the morning news show was on and I saw The Trump's face. I need some sort of device that knows when I've fallen asleep and will turn the machine off, so that sort of thing won't happen again.

It's time for me to microwave. I think there's a movie on I'd like to see. I hope I don't fall asleep before it's over.

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