rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Well, the chance of snow on Monday has been canceled, and the week overall will be less cold than previously predicted, but there are still three rainy days in a row starting Saturday. I wasn't able to arrange transportation for shopping tomorrow, so either I'll risk getting wet or I won't be able to go until Tuesday. There's supposed to be less than an inch each of those days, and Saturday will be the wettest, so maybe I'll get lucky and it will be dry while I'm going through the parking lots.

I'm hearing coyotes yelping in the ex-orchard again this evening. They have probably been enjoying the pleasant weather as much as I have. It's also their breeding season, which runs from December through March, peaking around February, so the calls I've been hearing could be related to that. If so, the pack I've been hearing could be weaker than many, or perhaps more adventurous, or they would probably not have ended up in this risky territory full of humans, but also many tasty pets. But they most likely got driven here by packs with more aggressive Alpha males, as the males become especially territorial during the mating season.

Once again I'm short of sleep. As near as I can remember, I fell asleep somewhere around midnight last night, then woke up before five o'clock this morning, and haven't had a nap. I'll be lucky to stay awake until midnight tonight, so there's no telling when I'll wake up in the morning. In fact I could fall asleep at nine and wake up at midnight. I miss having a regular sleep schedule, but nothing I've tried has been able to restore it.

Something for dinner, if I can keep my eyes open. I have no idea what.

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