rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Outside to check on the back yard feral cats several minutes ago I heard the yipping and howling of a pack of coyotes coming from the direction of the former orchard at the end of my block. They are probably three or four hundred feet distant. I'm glad my back yard is fenced and that the front yard feral cat can hide out in the rafters of the garage.

A few minutes later I caught the smell of skunk on the chilly night air. I'm thinking the coyotes might have gotten a surprise. It almost makes me feel sorry for them. One minute they think they've spotted a meal, and the next minute the meal turns out to have a weapon. They'll have to settle for rodent, or maybe some dog food left out in an unfenced yard— if they can find one.

It's going to be warming just a bit tomorrow, and after that we could get three days in a row in the low sixties. The nights won't get much warmer until the next rainstorm arrives, though. It could start raining Friday night, and rain will remain possible into Monday morning. Looks like I might have to try to arrange a Friday shopping trip again.

I already got dinner out of the way tonight, and I should go deal with the dirty dishes before I fall asleep. I've been up since five o'clock this morning, and haven't got much energy left. I hope I can stay awake long enough to at least watch Colbert's monologue. Without that I have no idea what's in the news, as I never watch the news. Especially now that it's mostly about whatever weird things The Trump is doing. That's like watching a cage full of monkeys: amusing for a while, but then it gets annoying. Especially when they start flinging their droppings. I'd rather look at cute cats on the Internet.

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