rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


If there was any snow here last night I slept through it, and it was gone by the time I woke up. The day turned partly sunny, but stayed cold. As afternoon wore on, the clouds piled themselves in great while, slate, and mauve heaps all along the mountains as far as I could see. Here the sun gleamed on the dark green cedar, the gray-green redwood, and the ponderosas' pale green needles shot with clumps of brown. It was nice to see so much blue sky after so many gray or mostly gray days. Tomorrow is supposed to be even sunnier, though also a bit chillier. The clouds aren't expected to return until Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday could bring rain again.

My camellia bushes have usually bloomed by this time, but this year they are sporting only unopened buds. The recent chill has likely inhibited them. At least they have avoided the fate of the first three roses, which partly opened only to be nipped by the nocturnal frost. Also, my azaleas are looking peaky. I don't think the abundant water the season has brought will be of much avail. The plants are old and might be tired, or it might just be that I don't take proper care of them. I should probably try pruning them this year, as that hasn't been done in a longtime. They might benefit from a dose of some sort of fertilizer, too. I don't think feral cat droppings are adequate.

An unintentional late afternoon nap has left me a bit groggy. All I did was lie down on the couch for a minute and wrap a blanket around myself and next thing I knew the sun was going down. The blanket was undoubtedly at fault. It was so cozy. But then Portia's purring was also a likely factor. She's much more effective as a soporific than as an alarm cat.

Time to take the wheelie bins out again. Has it really been a whole week? How time flies when you're having nothing happening!

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