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I Can Has Cheezeburger [Feb. 24th, 2017|09:22 pm]
The shopping is done for the week, and since I went on Friday I was able to score one of Safeway's tasty pudding ring cakes (lemon this time) for half the regular price on their one-day sale. I didn't buy any serious foods other than some fresh vegetables, as I have lots of stuff in the freezer and on the shelf that I should be eating to free up some space, so most of what I bought was support food, like hamburger buns and such, and indulgences like that cake and some ice cream. Oh, I did pick up a frozen lasagna on sale, but that I'll probably keep on hand for some later week.

Rain was expected today, but it never materialized, and I suspect that Sunday's predicted rain is also likely to be a bust. The season has been so wet that we won't miss this storm, as long as we get some later. It's much to early in the year to start irrigating, especially since water rates have gone way up, and I certainly don't want the plants to start dying off. Naturally I'm hoping for a wet spring, so I can put off irrigating as long as possible.

Right now the forecast is predicting a gradual warming trend starting Tuesday, with highs getting into the mid-sixties by next weekend. That will be nice for a change, though I'm also hoping that it doesn't get too hot too early in the year. A few days in the seventies won't be bad in March and April, and would help keep the utility bills down, but I'd just as soon have the eighties wait until June to show up. Especially considering all that snow that's piled up in the mountains. Don't want that melting too fast.

It's likely that I'll go to sleep fairly early tonight, since I only got about four hours last night and woke up not long after dawn today. I'm glad the shopping is out of the way. I won't have to worry about my weekend schedule. Now if I could just get the nephew to finish fixing the kitchen faucet so I won't have that inconvenience going on. All the stuff that goes under the sink is still sitting out, and I really want that space back. Kids these days. Especially the ones in their fifties.

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2017-02-25 11:07 pm (UTC)
Hooray, pudding ring cake! I indulged myself (though really I shouldn't, given my A1c) in a bag of Peppridge Farm Bordeaux Cookies, my fave rave. I will pay. Glad you have the cake, though.

It's been bloody cold here, but I wouldn't want the high temps too soon either. Crazy weather.
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[User Picture]From: flying_blind
2017-02-26 01:18 am (UTC)
I'm sure the cake is bad for me, but the nephew who hangs around will probably wolf at least half of it. He usually does.

This has been a consistently chilly winter here. It used to get colder than it's been lately, but only for brief periods. We could always count on a few warm days here and there through the winter, but this year has been pretty monotonous.
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