rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Getting Colder

The forecast is predicting possible thunderstorms tonight, but I haven't heard any rumbling yet. There was very little water falling outdoors today, but there was water indoors, in the form of a leaky faucet in the kitchen. It dripped into the cupboard below the sink and leaked out onto the floor, saturating the mat in front of it. A nephew looked at it and said it needs a part, and the part will cost about forty bucks. That means triage on the grocery list again this week. I hope the stores aren't having any good sales on stuff I really want, but are having them on stuff I really need.

Sunday is still supposed to be rainy, but less so than was predicted yesterday. If the forecast keeps trending that way it might be altogether dry. The strangest thing in the current forecast is a possibility of snow from about three o'clock to eight o'clock next Monday morning. There's unlikely to be very much of it though, as the entire Sunday-Monday storm is expected to bring less than an inch of rain altogether.

The intact feral tom cat who was missing for several days and then came back bearing evidence of having been in a fight vanished again after hanging around to recuperate for only a couple of days. He has been gone since early Saturday this time, I think, and was still looking pretty ragged last time I saw him. It's possible that he just came back to say goodbye. I gave him a couple of bowls of dry cat food softened in warm half-and-half, and he enjoyed those, and then went into the cupboard on the back porch to nap, which is the last place I saw him. The next day he was gone again. I'm not expecting him to return, and even if he does I doubt he'll live much longer. That kitty has obviously had a rough life.

As the faucet is not yet fixed I'll have to keep dinner simple, so there'll be minimal cleanup to do. It will probably be soup and a roll, so one pan, one bowl, one spoon, and a knife for spreading butter. I've been doing that more often lately, anyway. I no longer have the energy to make large meals on a regular basis. If it weren't for canned and frozen goods and the microwave I probably would have starved to death by now. Yea technology.

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