rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Foods and Floods

There was pretty heavy rain all morning and into the afternoon, but it ended just in time for my shopping trip. There was still some flooding at a couple of intersections where culverts had gotten stopped up by debris, but otherwise the streets were clear, and as I din't have much to buy the trip didn't take too long. A good thing, too, as I'd been awake since half past three this morning, and I'm thoroughly exhausted.

The Grocery Outlet had some frozen burritos stuffed with Italian meatballs, and I decided to try one as they were only .33 cents each. I'm going to pop one into the microwave and have it in lieu of dinner. If it gives me indigestion it might keep me awake a bit longer, so I won't find myself waking up at midnight or some such ungodly hour. If it doesn't give me indigestion and isn't repellent, I'll probably get a couple more next week, if they are still in stock. That store sells out of stuff fast, though.

The rain is supposed to return later tonight, and is expected to get pretty fierce over the next couple of days, though probably not as fierce as the storm that just passed through Southern California. I saw videos of flooding in and around Los Angeles and got nostalgic for the splendid rainstorms of my youth. I wouldn't mind seeing one again. The one thing that worries me about the upcoming storm here, though, is that it's expected to get very windy. Soggy rooted trees coming down and causing power outages is always a possibility, and one I'd rather go without.

Okay, bizarre Italian burrito.

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