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I didn't have to worry about being late for my appointment with the chiropractor today after all, but it was because he canceled his afternoon appointments. In fact he's not intending to schedule any afternoon appointments for the foreseeable future, which is going to make things difficult for me. I never know what my morning sleep schedule will be, but most of the time I can be pretty sure I'll be awake and at least somewhat alert in the afternoon.

Also, he has had to reschedule all his other afternoon patients whose appointments were cancelled, and as I didn't find out until fairly late it's likely to be at least a couple of weeks before I can get another. There's always the possibility of a cancellation, but there will also be a waiting list for that. I didn't make a new appointment today because I have to arrange transportation, which adds another layer of complexity. I've gone without an adjustment for eight weeks now, and will probably have gone a minimum of ten weeks by the time I get one. I hope I'm still functional by the time I do.

Anyway. Valentine's Day. It's been all over the Interwebs all day, and the subject of far too many emails, and now I am craving chocolate more than is good for me. I broke open a package of Ghirardelli's dark chocolate chips, and have been munching on those. It has probably ruined my dinner, as my mom used to warn me. But since I don't have a regular dinner schedule I can just have it later. In the meantime, these chips are tasty and I need to put the package away before I down all of them.

One of the eight rainy days in a row (starting Thursday) that had been predicted has been downgraded to a mere mostly cloudy. It's Sunday, lucky me. If the prediction holds I can go shopping without getting wet once again. It also looks like Oroville won't be getting wet, either, as the evacuation order has been lifted. The coming storms are supposed to be lighter and colder than the last ones, so the dam's emergency spillway that eroded so badly over the weekend probably won't kick in.

Of course the rainy season could last a couple more months, and with the amount of snow that has accumulated at the higher elevations of the mountains this winter (it reached 173% of average earlier this month) it would take only one big, warm, spring storm to start rapid melting and put the branches of the Feather River that feed the lake up to flood stage and start filling the dam faster than it can be emptied again. If I lived below the dam I wouldn't relax until May. Luckily I don't. The worst that could happen up here is that flooding could take out some of PG&E's power lines and cause a major regional outage.

Today was quite beautiful, with lots of sunshine and thin cirrus clouds, and the heavy overcast didn't start reappearing until half an hour before sunset, but it will be the last such day for more than a week. I feel bad for the feral cats. They're going to hate the next week, and they've already endured so many like it this year. I should get them some special food or something as compensation.

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