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This is Happening - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This is Happening [Feb. 10th, 2017|08:57 pm]
The last band in the current series of storms has moved in over the last half hour. There was some sunshine this afternoon, which the feral cats and I both enjoyed, and I was able to get a look at the full moon for a while as it rose through bands of clouds, but now the sky is completely overcast again. I'm also hearing thunder, though I have not yet seen any lightning.

There have been a few brief but intense showers, and some pretty fierce rain and even some hail will probably fall soon. It's a small storm, though, and shouldn't last much past midnight. But because of the electrical storm I'm going to shut the computer down early, even though I haven't finished reading the Internets yet.

The weekend is still expected to be mild and sunny. I'll have to spread out a pile of leaves I've got on the back lawn so they can dry off and go into the wheelie bins for collection on Tuesday. Rain is predicted to return on Wednesday, and continue off and on for at least five days. I don't know if those storms will bring any thunder and lightning, though. They are supposed to be a bit colder than the one we're getting tonight, so maybe not.

Meanwhile, a few miles down the hill, Oroville dam is about to overflow. The spillway developed a big pothole in it earlier this week, and it's getting worse. An emergency spillway kicks in when the lake reaches 901 feet, but it's just a forested mountainside adjacent to the damaged concrete spillway and is likely to suffer considerable erosion itself if water starts flowing down it. The whole thing could get very messy. Messier than it already is. I regret not being able to go see the waterfall, especially since it's only a few miles away.