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Still [Feb. 9th, 2017|10:54 pm]
The feral cat that went missing before dawn Monday returned tonight. I can't tell very well by flashlight, but I think he has some fur missing along one flank. He might have gotten into a fight with a bigger and younger feral tom who has been hinging around lately, and had to hide out somewhere to recuperate. I'll get a better look at him tomorrow. I'm sure he isn't feeling very good, though, as he ate very little before climbing into the cupboard on the back porch to sleep.

The rain ceased this evening, though the wind continued to blow for quite a while. Right now it is still, and a bit foggy. There could be a bit more rain tomorrow, but both Saturday and Sunday are to be clear and mild. That will be a nice change, but the best thing is that the wind is unlikely to blow. The last few days it has been so persistent that I've grown tired of it, and I usually like wind. Too much of a good thing.

Not enough of a good thing is dinner. In fact none at all of it so far. I've gotten distracted by one thing or another every time I've intended to fix something. I'm going to take another stab at it now, but it will probably be just a toasted sandwich of some sort. It's too late for anything more elaborate.