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Oy [Jan. 31st, 2017|11:47 pm]
My sleep pattern went totally crazy again today. I fell asleep while watching television about one o'clock last night,then woke up about three in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. So I then ended up falling asleep again (while watching television, of course) about three o'clock this afternoon and then woke up after nine o'clock this evening. Naturally I don't feel like eating dinner, but I don't really want breakfast either. I suppose things will be catawampus all night now. Maybe all day tomorrow as well. My internal clock is broken. I want a new one, but I don't think K-mart sells them.

Well, I have to eat something now. Maybe it will be popcorn, which is neither breakfast nor dinner. Not much chance it will put me to sleep at a reasonable hour, though, unless I wash it down with a pint or so of Vodka. I'll think about it.