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Late - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Late [Jan. 30th, 2017|09:17 pm]
The long range forecast is now predicting we'll get rain six days in a row starting Thursday. A soggy start for February. The series of storms could bring about five more inches, but won't be very cold so it's unlikely to help build snowpack in the mountains. As the weather is apt to get warmer on average as we approach spring, the state is probably about at its peak for snowpack right now. While the water now gathered in spreading basins will help recharge the aquifers, the snowpack is more important for annual usage.

In short, even if the drought is over, the water shortage is apt to continue, and agribusiness (overwhelmingly the state's biggest water user) will have to continue conserving as much as possible. (Note to Mr. Trump: not a good time to slap tariffs on imported Mexican produce— unless, of course, you expect it to get you some big contributions from California agribusinessers when they get to jack up the prices your supporters pay for their food.)

But continued rain means I get to go on hearing the frogs croak night after night. They are loud and numerous again this evening, but again it is too cold to stay outside and listen to them for long. When the warmer storms arrive that will change, and I'll be able to attend the concert in less discomfort, as long as the sound of rain itself doesn't drown it out. Tonight I'm just going to stay in and eat some hot soup for dinner. Oh, and take out the wheelie bins with the trash in them. Two bins for leaves, which I've finally gotten around to partly cleaning up. Hooray for progress, however late.