rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


More swans flew over the neighborhood this evening, but they weren't as near or as loud as the flocks last night. The frogs, on the other hand, are actually louder and more numerous tonight, and thus seem closer than they are. I suspect they are happy because the day was warmer than predicted. Not that they knew what had been predicted, as I'm pretty sure frogs don't have access to weather reports, but they could surely tell it was a mild day. The feral cats and I enjoyed it, too. We won't enjoy tonight as much, as it is already turning very cold.

Shopping tomorrow, if I wake up early enough, and I'm already doing triage on my list because the water bill was larger than I'd expected it to be (a bad thing) and I got surprise bonus points from K-mart (a good thing) which I really can't afford not to use, and so I'll have to shift some money from the grocery budget for those things. It's a good thing this is the last shopping day in January.

I managed to wake up somewhat earlier today than yesterday (before two o'clock instead of before three o'clock) so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to wake up no later than one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. That should give me enough time that I won't have to rush too much to get ready. I might even be able to be a bit late since the days are getting longer, and I have a fairly short list of things to buy.

Other than that, things are pretty dull. Wait, did I say other than that? Sorry, things are just pretty dull.

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