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Sleeping until almost three o'clock in the afternoon was... interesting. I'm definitely going to have to do something about my unstable sleep schedule. Such instability can generate a negative feedback loop with no good outcome; odd sleep patterns leading to anxiety and depression, and anxiety and depression further destabilizing sleep. I've been through that before, and don't want to do it again.

One thing that might be contributing to the sleep disruption is that I haven't had a chiropractic adjustment for more than five weeks now, and don't have one scheduled until February 14. It's becoming more difficult to get to sleep because I can't find a comfortable position, and more difficult to get up because my neck and back get stiff while I sleep. The longest I've gone without an adjustment in recent years is seven weeks, but this time it's going to be eight, so it will almost certainly get worse than it is now. I'm apt to become quite irritable before it's over.

Today was the mildest day in quite a while, but this was the peak of the current temperature cycle and it will be back to a cooling trend tomorrow. Fortunately the nights aren't supposed to get any colder than they have been, and once the rain comes back in the middle of next week the nights will actually get a bit warmer. That should save me at least a couple of bucks on the next gas bill.

A bit after nightfall I heard a couple of flocks of trumpeter swans flying aver the neighborhood. It had gotten too dark to see them, of course, but I could hear them quite clearly. There wasn't much conversation going on among those in the first flock, but the next one was quite raucous. Maybe those in the first flock were busy texting on their cellphones. Or maybe the second flock was drunk.

The frogs have been singing tonight, too, though not as loudly as they were when the rain was swelling their stream and the surrounding pools. I expect they'll get quieter each night until the rain returns next week. I won't be spending much time outside anyway, as cold as it is out there, so I won't miss what I wouldn't hear anyway.

Now I have a sandwich to make and television to watch. Then I have to figure out how to get to sleep. Maybe Portia will curl up next to me and purr. That helps, sometimes.

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