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Sunny [Jan. 24th, 2017|11:52 pm]
The first thing I saw on going outside today was the shadow of a hawk skimming across my lawn. The hawk was high up and some distance south of my house, circling in what I imagine was a thermal rising from the warmed earth. The sun was almost blinding after days of overcast, but I watched the hawk until it vanished behind trees southward. Judging from the width of its shadow, it must have had a wingspan of at least five feet. Big hawk.

The garage building project beyond my back fence came back to life after being suspended during the rainstorms. The white stuff on the roof which I had thought some kind of paper must be plastic, as it survived the soaking. I watched a worker stand atop the roof with a push broom, using like a squeegee to squeeze water out of the material and send it falling over the eaves. Maybe they'll start putting the shingles on tomorrow, but maybe they'll wait for it to dry out a bit more.

My shopping is done for the week, but even though the list was fairly short I forgot something. As the thing was a cake and I don't really need more sugary stuff in my diet that's probably just as well. Safeway has that particular type of cake on sale fairly often, though, so my pancreas and I will probably get another shot at it soon enough.

The local water agency has been planning a hefty rate increase, and it's been arriving in increments. The bill that came today is bigger than the bills used to be in summer when I use a lot of water (or did in the past) though I used very little over the last month. The quantity charge was big, but the underlying charges were enormous. If the quantity charge was any indication, then that, too, will be enormous come the dry weather. I think this may be the year all the plants in my yard will have to come out (except one section of the jasmine hedge that one of the feral cats likes to hide under. I couldn't deprive him of that refuge.)

I haven't been able to decide what to eat for dinner tonight. That happens when I shop and have new stuff in the house. The embarrassment of riches makes me indecisive. If I'd remembered to buy that cake I might have ended up just eating a bunch of that and forgetting about dinner altogether. Hey, I've got chips, though, and cheese. Nachos!