rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The persistence of inclement weather prevented me from shopping again today, but I might do it tomorrow. Had I gone today I would most likely have been caught in a hailstorm that began not long after four o'clock and turned my back yard mostly white in just a few minutes. There is still some ice on the lawn, and it will be cold enough tonight that some of it will probably still be there tomorrow morning, unless a warmish cloud comes by and drops some rain to melt it. But it should get a bit warmer tomorrow, and about a week of dry weather is still expected to follow. Indeed, it could be dry until February. What will happen after that is anybody's guess.

Now that I have a more functional computer I've been squandering more time wandering about on the Internets. Today I stumbled across a YouTube video with Ava Gardner lip syncing to the voice of Eileen Wilson in a musical scene from One Touch of Venus, which I haven't seen in ages. It used to show up on television once in a while, but appears to have fallen back through the cracks. The song is by Kurt Weill, with lyric (surprisingly) by Ogden Nash. Embedding, because I can.


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