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Because the current storm is expected to become more intense tomorrow, my transportation has been disarranged and I won't be able to go shopping. There's not much to buy, anyway, (and not much money to buy it with) so it can wait until Monday. Or Tuesday, I suppose, since there is now a possibility of snow Monday, though not very much (less than an inch.) Or maybe next week, when it is expected to finally be sunny and clear again. Anyway, I've got a cupboard full of ramen so I won't starve, and I bought cat food for the whole month (and a big chunk of February) when it was on sale, so the cats won't starve. I will, however, be out of beer. But not vodka, so.

It's amazing how active the frogs have been through this cold weather. They sing every night, and their population seems to be growing. They must be colonizing puddles here and there, as some of them sound like they are closer than the small seasonal stream that runs a few hundred feet east of my house. These frogs must be hardier than those we used to have, as the former frog population always fell silent when the temperature got down into the thirties.

I accidentally discovered what was choking the sound on YouTube videos. It turns out that volume can be raised or lowered with the arrow keys on my keyboard. This must be a feature of Windows 7 or of the new version of Opera I'm using, as it never worked that way before. Of course it doesn't work that way at other web sites with audio, so maybe it is just a YouTube thing. I never would have discovered it if I hadn't tried to scroll up on a YouTube page the other night, and the sound got louder instead. I find this feature more odd than convenient, and wish they hadn't done it.

The power, cable, and Internet have yet to fail from the storms, but I'm constantly expecting them to. It's going to be nice to have a few days of sunshine. That won't start until Wednesday at the earliest, though. In the meantime, I'll try to think like one of those happy frogs. Ribbet.

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