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Wet [Jan. 18th, 2017|10:30 pm]
Rain has been falling all day, and the wind has grown blustery. So far we've avoided a power outage, but I don't want to leave the computer on for very long tonight. Too many trees will be losing their grip on the soggy soil, and a good gust could bring them down on the wires. Tomorrow should bring less intense rain, then another big storm will hit on Friday, then another on Sunday, each chillier than the last. Snow could get down to 2000 feet on Sunday, which means we might get some after all, but probably not very much. Each storm is less wet than the last, too.

Safeway's web site is still misbehaving, so I haven't been able to make out a shopping list and fetch digital coupons for this week, but that could turn out to be just another reason to avoid going out to shop altogether. I don't mind getting a little bit wet for a good bargain, but I have no desire to get quite wet for a pig in a poke. Besides, who needs another pig in a poke when we've already got The Donald?

I'm going to go stick something in the microwave while I've got electricity, and watch television while it lasts. Oh, and I should probably brave the storm to go check the mail box. I might have a magazine out there getting soaked, and I keep forgetting to go look.