rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Another Storm Due

Well, the latest long range forecast has deleted the chance of snow, but it now predicts five straight days of rain starting tomorrow and continuing through Sunday. Rain could start falling before midnight tonight, and there is a chance of rain next Monday and Tuesday as well. It looks like my shopping day luck has run out, and I'm likely to get wet when I go to the store this week, whatever day I go on. But tomorrow is likely to be the wettest day of the storm, with upwards of three inches expected here. High wind is also expected, so the chances of my luck running out on power outages are going up, too.

The most troubling news is that, all week, temperatures will be running about ten degrees lower than average for this time of year, which means another very high gas and electric bill in February— unless we get a sustained heat wave near the end of January and beginning of February. That's not likely. I'd better either lower my thermostat, or start figuring out what other expenses might be cut to make up the shortfall. Maybe I should just skip shopping this week and eat all that ramen I've stocked up on.

This rain will be bad news for the back fence neighbor who is having a garage built. They got the roof on today, but it is only covered with that paper-looking layer that sits under the actual roofing material. It could get soaked unless the roofers come out and put the shingles on in the rain, and I don't know if that's possible. I don't think you want water trapped under your shingles. If it can't be done tomorrow then they are likely to have to leave it for more than a week, because it would probably take a few days of sunshine to dry that underlayer off.

Shorty, my black feral cat, would be happy about the absence of the roofers, though. He is terrified of people (other than me) and has been hiding all day every day that the work has been going on. Eight or ten days of respite would surely delight him, though that would be offset by his displeasure at the rain. He dislikes water almost as much as he dislikes people.

I really need to do something about the chair at the computer desk. It's not at all comfortable. It needs (well, I need) a cushion of some sort. My arse is getting numb from sitting here for so long. I guess that means it's time to go watch the television from the comfort of my soft couch, preferably from under a warm blanket.

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