rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

My Exciting Life (yawn)

It is clear and cold tonight, and I heard a flock of birds flying south over the neighborhood. They didn't sound like the usual geese, nor did they sound quite like the trumpeter swans we sometimes get, so I don't know what species they were. Whatever they were, they have left their migration until rather late in the season. It might be that arctic temperatures have been somewhat above normal this fall and winter, throwing their schedule off. When I hear them I like to stay under the porch roof, just in case the birds are pissed off at humans and decide to crap on me.

I've also been hearing frogs again tonight. It's very odd to be hearing that springtime sound in January. But the stream along which they thrive is still running strong, and the water must be warmer than it usually is in winter, the recent rains having been warmer than normal. The next rainstorm, expected to arrive Wednesday, might also be warmer than normal, so odds are I'll be hearing frogs for quite a while.

The next storm is supposed to be the first of another series, almost uninterrupted, lasting into the following week. Right now it looks like Sunday the 22nd will be the least rainy day in that period, which would be convenient for me, but that could change. So far this year I haven't had to get wet when going shopping, and it would be nice to keep that record going.

But even though it is supposed to gradually get colder over the next week, it still isn't expected to get cold enough for snow at this elevation. Slightly colder will probably be enough to get a considerable increase in the snowpack, though. The recent storm mostly ran off. A lot of it was captured reservoirs, and in spreading basins, of course, which will help recharge the ground water, but next summer's water supply will, as always, be largely dependent on gradually melting snow keeping the reservoirs full. If getting that condition demands it, I'll just have to be content to pay the larger winter utility bills to which the cold leads.

Safeway's web site is still missing some information I'd like to have, so I might not be going there tomorrow. If I do go I'll make clear to the checker that my purchase will be contingent on their computer actually giving me the discounts I expect. Checking the receipt could take some time, so everybody could get annoyed. Keeping stores honest is a nasty job, but somebody has to do it.

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