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There are these odd little points of light in the sky. I think they are what the Internet says are called "stars." I have a vague memory of having seen them long ago, before the world grew cloudy and we got some twenty inches of rain in a few days. There is also a bigger light, which I recall was called the "moon." The moon is pretty bright. I can see the feral cats' food bowls by its light, and don't even need the flashlight I have been using to avoid stumbling over them in the overcast darkness. This is very convenient. I hope it keeps up for a while.

Safeway still hasn't gotten its website working properly. As the amount I pay for stuff there is dependent on what coupons I have digitally added to my store card, I don't know if I can trust them this week. If a store is going to use digital technology, it really has to commit itself to keeping it in good working order. It seems likely that a lot of other regular customers are just going to stay away this week, which will be a great convenience for those who don't mind paying full price for stuff. But if a lot of people like me are staying away until the website is fixed then the place is apt to be very crowded when it becomes available again. If they fix the site before Sunday and I go down there and find the store too busy, I might just pass on this week's bargains anyway. Stuff I really need I can get at the other store or the outlet next door.

The first mostly sunny day after the storms was enjoyable, as far as I saw it. I slept through much of it again. Given that I am now not even slightly tired, I might be awake most of tonight and then sleep through the sunny day again tomorrow. I'm considering pounding a few strong drinks tonight, just to see if I can get my sleep schedule back to something more practical. I can't think of anything else that has a chance of working.

The rechargeable battery that Portia made off with recently is still missing. I'm trying to calculate how long I've got to find it before I absolutely must buy a new package of them. I doubt that Portia will help me find it. She is, after all, a cat, and cats notoriously don't give a rats ass about what people want. It's a good thing we aren't their pets, as we'd probably be extinct by now.

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